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Glossary (read more)

  • I don't understand your terminology.

We specialize in web hosting and embedded engineering services, so like any specialist we often slip into shop talk jargon.  We realize that can sometimes be confusing to those not familiar with the terms, but we still use them for conciseness.  Here's a list of terms that we hope will help if you unfamiliar with our language.

Virtual server outage

The virtual server system has been having trouble over the last week and the ISP thought they would be ok for a few more days, but a switch died again and took everything down.

They are working on it now, but don't have an estimated uptime yet.


This affects various websites and all email services use a virtual server as a proxy, though I'm wondering about bringing that proxy server up at a new host.

Programming Class Prices (read more)

We accept cash, check, credit card and also government-sponsored educational payments through organizations like ClassWallet, Educational Freedom Accounts, or the Children's Scholarship Fund. If your state has an educational fund that we aren't currently listed as a vendor, we can probably register to be paid using those funds.

Class pricing depends on the content and length of class that you choose.

VOIP Phones (read more)

Lime Daley runs a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system that far exceeds what is possible with a traditional phone company.  Our customers range from individuals to small business offices.  We can save you money on your monthly costs and add additional features that you either can't get or is cost prohibitive with other phone compnaies.

Programming Classes

I've done informal programming classes in the past, but I've been thinking lately of making it more formal.  There are a few professional coding classes available, and we've tried some with our own kids  Khan Academy is great, though Jonathan was disappointed when he discovered the "fake" javascript world that coding system lives in isn't that practical for making actual programs.  Scratch is pretty great too, and I think the best introduction to programming that currently exists, particularly for young kids, because you don't even need to be able to read that well to be able to program proficiently there.  And they are starting to have modules that can interact with real hardware, which is pretty neat.  Learn Python the Hard Way appears to be a good model for older programmers.

If you are interested in enrolling in a programming course, check out our course page and contact me and we'll see what makes sense for you depending on your skill level, etc.  Payments will be pre-paid, and we do accept state-funded programs like, etc.

Mail Client Setup (read more)

We use a customized hostname for each customer.  The name is some version of your domain name as a prefix to

So, if Microsoft ever decided to host with us, their hostname would be  Contact us if you don't know the correct hostname.

Usernames are always your full email address of your primary account (some customers have secondary receiving accounts that use the primary account as the login for sending email.  Gmail doesn't really like that model, and often wants to have a separate login for every sending account).

DKIM Records for Lime Daley Outgoing Email

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a useful method to help protect your domain from being used in phishing schemes, and also to help your legitimate emails to be delivered.

To enable, a change needs to be made on the mail server as well as in the DNS records for your domain.

If your DNS is hosted by us, we can make all of the changes for you, so just let us know.  We don't enable without you asking as some customers use other mail services, like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc. and it is best to configure those accounts as well before we enable these security features.

If we don't host your DNS, let us know you want to, and then we'll turn on DKIM and give you the key you need to add to your DNS records.

We can also configure SPF and DMARC for additional improvements.

Minor Change to the Apache2 Configuration: DirectoryIndex

We don't think it will affect anyone's current websites, but we've turned off DirectoryIndex'ing by default for security* reasons.  If you desire this behavior in a certain directory, you can turn it back on by adding (or editing an existing) .htaccess file and adding the line:

Options +Indexes

And the old functionality will be restored.

* Where "security" is defined as security through obscurity, and not any real definition of security at all, but it keeps the script kiddies away.

SOCKS Proxy Settings

To setup a SOCKS proxy to tunnel traffic through a semi-disagreeable firewall, you can use this command line:

ssh -N -c 3des -D 1080 user@hostname

This is simpler than doing the "regular" static port forwarding by setting up each port separately with the -L option.

Lime Daley Security Settings / Umask (Wordpress Super Cache Plugin Access) (read more)

Due to Lime Daley's security model with the shared hosting customers, one setting you might need to be aware of depending on what php software you are using is the default "umask" on the system.

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