Pricing Details

See the notes at the bottom for an explanation of the annotated items.
If you don't need lots of features and just want disk space or bandwidth, cheaper options are available.

Cost[1] Basic Basic Plus Corporate Corporate Plus
Billed Annually $15/month $25/month $70/month varies
Billed Monthly $25/month $40/month $100/month varies
Setup Fee $20 $25 $50 $100
Disk Space 100 MB 1 GB 20 GB 120+ GB
Data Transfer 1 GB / month 10 GB / month 40 GB / month 512Kbps[3]
Email Addresses 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts[11] 3 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing Lists 1 8 10 20
Email Forwarding Unlimited
Email Aliases Unlimited
Subdomains 7[5] 10[5] 30[5] Unlimited[5]
Parked Domains 10 20 30 Unlimited
PostgreSQL/MySQL Databases[12] 1 5 8 Unlimited
Technical Info
Operating System Linux / Debian -- testing release
Web Server Apache 2.x
Network Connection Multi-homed 100 / 1000 Mbps
Web Design / PHP Coding / etc. No Some help available Yes Yes
Web Based Email Yes
Web Statistics Yes
Static IP Address Yes[6] Yes[6] Yes Yes
File Manager Yes
URL Redirect Yes
Customer Error Pages Yes
Password Protected Directories / .htaccess Yes
SSL Server - https:// Yes[7] Yes[7] Yes Yes
PHP5 Yes
Insecure FTP[8] Yes / 1 account Yes / 3 accounts Yes / 20 accounts Yes / Unlimited
Anonymous FTP Yes[9] Yes[9] Yes Yes
Raw Logs Yes
SFTP/Shell Access Yes[8]
Daily Backup Download Not by default - see additional note[10]
Note 1 We prefer to bill annually, as we can then spend more time on having good service rather than on billing/collection issues.
Note 2 This account is for people who only want a blog, and nothing else. LifeType will be installed and kept up-to-date for you.
Note 3 Averaged/sustained bandwidth, as calculated by the 95th percentile model in 5 minute intervals. A 50% fee is added if your usage exceeds your pre-purchased amount, though you can retroactively upgrade your account if we negotiate a new rate prior to the start of the following month. More bandwidth is available, $80 per Mbps for low volumes, $75/Mbps above 10Mbps.
Note 4 Wildcard subdomains are also allowed, e.g. pointing all subdomains to one directory. In addition, you can have some subdomains pointing to specific directories or other servers, and then all non-specified domains will fall under the wildcard rule.
Note 5 The thrifty package allows subdomains, but only if all subdomains point to the same directory as the main host name. Other packages are customizable, and can have particular subdomains pointing to different directories, etc.
Note 6 Static IP addresses distributed on an as needed basis per ARIN guidelines. If you need a non-shared[7] SSL certificate, let us know and we will assign an IP to your account for $10/year. For more than one IP, bulk pricing is available.
Note 7 SSL requires a static IP address, except in the case of using our shared certificates, which share an IP address with other customers. There isn't any difference in the security provided, but it is cheaper for you.
Note 8 Shell and FTP access are both turned off until we receive a request from you to activate one or the other.
Note 9 Anonymous FTP requires a static IP address[6].
Note 10 All data is stored on redundant hard drives, so your data is safe. If you want to your data additionally backed up in the case that you delete your own data, that can be activated by request -- additional $1/month for the basic plans. Backup data counts towards your hard disk quota. Off-site backups/failover DNS, for a guaranteed 100% uptime are also available. The cost varies with the amount of data actually stored.
Note 11 FTP accounts can be set to allow full access to all of your files, or only certain directories, write-only, read-only, etc.
Note 12 The following database extensions are installed by default: mysql, mysqli, pgsql, pdo, pdo_mysql, pdo_pgsql. Just ask if you need anything else.