Phone Hosting/Systems

We have been running a phone company for the last 15 years, and this part of our business has been expanding recently, as people are moving away from the expense of landlines, and businesses discover that the traditional phone companies are in the dark ages as far as costs and features go.  Read more about our pricing and features.


Lime Daley offers programming classes for students of all ages.  For beginner students, we'll explore MIT's Scratch program with some easy samples and then progress to harder assignments, depending on the skill and interest of the student.  For advanced students, we will move to a programming language that is actually used for development in commercial environments, Python or C++.

Python and C++ will need some setup on your own computer, and we can help you get your development environment setup.  There are a few choices of what programs you can use, ranging from free solutions to Visual Development Studio, that many companies use, but is a paid solution.

The class lengths and timing can be customized to what you are looking for, and how fast you want to advance.  See our class pricing page for details.

Embedded Software/Hardware

Though most of this web site is dedicated to the web hosting portion of the company, Lime Daley also provides hardware and software engineering services.

We have published a sample of projects to demonstrate what Lime Daley can do for you.

Contact us for more information or a quote for your project.

Web Hosting (read more)

Our servers are located at a reliable co-location facility in Pittsburgh, PA, with backup power and redundant internet connections.

We support many different types of users: Whether you are a small company who wants to be able to hang out a shingle on the web, someone who wants to host a personal web site, or a large company looking to host your site with hundreds of thousands of hits a day, we have something for you.