SOCKS Proxy Settings

To setup a SOCKS proxy to tunnel traffic through a semi-disagreeable firewall, you can use this command line:

ssh -N -c 3des -D 1080 user@hostname

This is simpler than doing the "regular" static port forwarding by setting up each port separately with the -L option.

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i am in a university campus where we have a specific proxy settingd but i am unable to cnnect the windows live messenger. I hv already put the proxy settings and username and password for it, but i think the problem persosts because of the SOCKS settings? Do i have to use the same settings as of proxy for the SOCKS also...

Posted by Shantanu on October 29, 2009, 2:09 am


Microsoft has posted the port numbers that their app uses, it is quite a lot, so I guess you'll need to forward them all, or figure out what ports you don't care about.

Also, an update for the original article - the person who originally sent me the info for the SOCKS proxy is using the latest MacOS (snow leopard? I don't remember) which has some sort of known bug when connecting via SSL proxies or something, so he has had quite a lot of difficulty in getting it to connect properly.

I think the manual ( -L ) options work. And there is supposed to be an update to fix the issue correctly.

Posted by jondaley on October 29, 2009, 3:53 am