Programming Classes – October 05, 2021

I've done informal programming classes in the past, but I've been thinking lately of making it more formal.  There are a few professional coding classes available, and we've tried some with our own kids  Khan Academy is great, though Jonathan was disappointed when he discovered the "fake" javascript world that coding system lives in isn't that practical for making actual programs.  Scratch is pretty great too, and I think the best introduction to programming that currently exists, particularly for young kids, because you don't even need to be able to read that well to be able to program proficiently there.  And they are starting to have modules that can interact with real hardware, which is pretty neat.  Learn Python the Hard Way appears to be a good model for older programmers.

If you are interested in enrolling in a programming course, check out our course page and contact me and we'll see what makes sense for you depending on your skill level, etc.  Payments will be pre-paid, and we do accept state-funded programs like, etc.