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Network Maintenance – April 20, 2008

On May 5th, between midnight and 6AM, Sprint will be shutting down their network for four hours.  The network will automatically failover to one of the other providers, so you should only see some network slowdowns and possibly some outages for thirty seconds or so as the routes switchover.

Maintenance Update – April 05, 2008

I had hoped that this blog would be used for more interesting things other than outage reports, but so far, that hasn't happened.

This morning a circuit breaker blew at the ISP, causing one of the servers (containing one customer) to go down for 30 minutes.  The power switches are probably going to be reorganized today, and all of the servers might be rebooted at some point, not exactly sure what the status is at this point.  If that outage occurs, it should be for a minute or two for the affected servers.

The good news is that the last outage was in August of 2006, so we are doing pretty well.  I recently discovered a company that is reporting statistics on the uptime of our first server, so that is kind of neat.  They don't appear to check very often, so I am not sure if the statistics can be counted as that accurate, but for now, having them report 100% uptime shows that I am not making it up.

Bandwidth Limits Removed – December 14, 2007

I discovered only yesterday (despite suspicions for a month or two) that when the network was switched a while ago, bandwidth caps had been placed by our ISP. They have been removed, and I was able to hit 80Mbps incoming and outgoing - I don't have a faster connection anywhere else with which to test it. But, for those of you who had noticed the previous 1Mbps cap and not complained, or figured it was your connection, you can be happier now. By the way, this announcement blog has been less useful than I originally imagined, so I doubt there are many folks that read it, but perhaps as the business grows, there will be more information here.

I also suppose it is a good thing that there aren't more announcements here. It has been over a year since our last outage announcement, and there haven't been any unplanned outages in that time. I rebooted a couple times last Saturday to upgrade the kernels and the network, so all of our customers would have seen a couple minutes of outage, and a couple customers would have seen a twenty minute outage (one machine decided to do a file system check during one of the reboots, causing it to take a long time to reboot). I am not particularly happy about that, and most of the customers only saw a couple minutes of outage this year, so it is a lot better than a lot of other hosting places I hear about (and gain customers from).

First Outage... – August 28, 2006

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Lime Daley had its first outage. My ISP had a router that failed, and caused the network to go down for 5 minutes.
Five minutes isn't all that much, but isn't really acceptable for me. So, I will probably move the machine to my other host, who has redundant internet connections, and is supposed to be immune from this sort of thing. (The other provider does have a planned maintenance outage for one of its providers in a couple days, so it will be interesting to see if the redundant part really works.

Lime Daley Logos – March 28, 2006

A couple people have asked about putting a "powered by LimeDaley" logo on their site, so we made a couple logos for you to choose from:
Transparent logo: Transparent Logo
Transparent logo with border: Transparent Logo with border
White background: Logo with white background

Lime Daley Hosting Begins – May 15, 2005

We have hosted a server and multiple sites at our house for 6 months, and we are now ready to make the leap to the colocation facility. There won't be any downtime during the switchover.
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