Maintenance Update – April 05, 2008

I had hoped that this blog would be used for more interesting things other than outage reports, but so far, that hasn't happened.

This morning a circuit breaker blew at the ISP, causing one of the servers (containing one customer) to go down for 30 minutes.  The power switches are probably going to be reorganized today, and all of the servers might be rebooted at some point, not exactly sure what the status is at this point.  If that outage occurs, it should be for a minute or two for the affected servers.

The good news is that the last outage was in August of 2006, so we are doing pretty well.  I recently discovered a company that is reporting statistics on the uptime of our first server, so that is kind of neat.  They don't appear to check very often, so I am not sure if the statistics can be counted as that accurate, but for now, having them report 100% uptime shows that I am not making it up.