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Boring Announcement – April 12, 2011

Not much to say, but I figured there hasn't been anything posted in a while, so thought I should at least post something.

Lime Daley has expanded our existing servers a bit - one customer now has 16GB of RAM exclusively for their site, and another customer needed more disk space, and so we installed a RAID6 array with 8TB of usable space.

State of the Lime: 2011 – January 27, 2011

Another successful year has passed for Lime Daley, and since I like statistics, when I happened to notice a large amount of spam being silently thrown away today, I took the opportunity to check up on the stats for the last year.


We received 5 million emails in the last 12 months.

We bounced 74% of that email back to the original sender because it was being sent from computers known to be spammers.

We silently threw away another 12% due to the content of the message was known to be spam.

Then we tagged 6% as possible spam for delivery to your spam folder and then the final 8% was delivered to your inbox.

We occasionally get a new customer who will say that his email isn't working once they switch to our service.  In every case, the problem has been that he was so used to getting email every time he hits the "send/receive" button that he figures there is something wrong, but then I'll look up his account, and say that I can deliver the 85 spams that he received that day if he wants, but I assume he would rather not get them.

We can't claim to be spam free (and no one can, unless they can afford to hire a secretary to read their email, and even then, I'll bet there are occasionally mistakes, either in deleting too much or not enough), but I'd say that deleting 86% of your inbox without accidentally deleting real email, and also keeping your spam folder relatively small so you can more easily review it for any real emails means that we are doing a pretty good job of managing your email.


124 domains

2,718 email addresses (excluding those customers that use wildcards for theoretically infinite addresses)

24 outgoing terabytes; 3 incoming terabytes

670GB of disk space used (excluding backups)


4 Servers, with 14 cores total; 86% idle (counting 24 hour days, but busier during the day time)


We paid out $700 in referral fees -- Thank YOU for continuing to grow Lime Daley!

Network Upgrade – December 20, 2010

We'll be upgrading some networking equipment on December 22 between 2:00 and 6:00 AM EST.  You might see some delays and brief outages during that maintenance window.

UPDATE: 2010/12/22: 6:30AM: Most equipment has been upgraded without any downtime.  The job ended up getting split into two pieces, so there will be another maintenance window on 12/24 as well.

UPDATE: 2010/12/24: 7:00AM: All devices have been upgraded.  We had a couple minutes of downtime around 4:00AM.  For those of you who were awake at that time to notice, our sympathies...  :)

Quicker Email Delivery – December 20, 2010 (read more)

We are now using's mail server whitelist to bypass greylisting, which means that for known legitimate mail servers (all 101,686 of them at the moment), greylisting will be bypassed, which means that your e-mail will arrive a little bit sooner.

Intermittent Network Connectivity – September 27, 2010

Our upstream provider is currently seeing intermittent network connectivity at this point.  We are looking into it further.

UPDATE: 11:05EDT: The cause was a misconfigured machine on our network causing a denial of service to other connections.  The machine has been removed from the network, and as of 10:25EDT, everything looks good, but we'll continue monitoring.

DNS Outage/Slow – August 07, 2010

2010/08/07, 10:55AM: The company we use for DNS services is having some issues this morning and some queries are not being answered, and some are being redirected to our European servers, and causing various delays. If you host DNS with Lime Daley, you might see some flakiness in accessing services on your domain.

Incoming mail should not be lost, as the senders' servers will retry automatically.  And we've opened a support ticket with our upstream providers to make sure they know about the issue.

We'll keep you updated as we find out more.

2010/08/07, 3PM:  Fortunately, all it took was for us to post about it to fix it, as it has been stable since 10:46AM.  I should have posted sooner.  The company who runs our DNS servers, had a distributed denial of service attack on their servers, all based out of China, and the traffic reached 50Gbps, which is a pretty impressive number.  They are working on a solution to try to avoid this in the future.

Electronic Distributor – January 21, 2010

Lime Daley is proud to announce that we are expanding our business into the area of consumer electronic products.  We can sometimes get better prices than what is available to the general public, but we see the added value for you is that if there are any problems with the product, you get to deal with Lime Daley, rather than some large company somewhere that doesn't really care about you and your business.  We can drop ship from Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Fresno for 1 day delivery in most cases.

A sample of products available: Desktops, laptops, RAM, hard drives, car stereos, PDAs, printers, ink cartridges, TVs, software, home theater equipment, batteries, cameras, etc.

Lime Daley Statistics – August 05, 2009

Total servers: 6
New servers this year: 3
Total customers: 32
New customers this year: 6
Domains: 130
Email addresses: 1858
Monthly Data transferred: 1.6TB
Monthly Emails: 705,000
   84% is definitely spam and thrown away immediately
   3% is possible spam and put in spam folders

Thanks to God and our customers, Lime Daley is continuing to grow strong.


Data Center Migration – April 29, 2009

No news is good news as they say, so you haven't heard from me in a long time.  My upstream provider has built a new data center, and tonight is the night for my servers to move to the new location.  The new location has been up and running without any glitches for a couple of months, so I don't expect any issues with the move.

For those customers on "shared" hosting plans, you shouldn't see any difference, for those customers with colocation plans, you will now have better access to the facilities, and there are some bonus perks of conference room space and in general a nicer facility than the old one.

IP addresses will not change, so DNS records and whitelists, etc. don't need to be updated.

The plan is to unplug all of the servers just after 9PM tonight, and they will probably be down for 30-60 minutes. No incoming email will be lost, as the senders' ISPs will retry once the servers come back up.  All email, web and FTP access will be down for this period.

Website Updated – April 08, 2009

Probably not very exciting news for most of you, but to try to keep the cobbler's-kids-don't-have-shoes syndrome at bay, we've updated our web page, which will hopefully be easier to navigate.
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