Domain Registry Support - Phishing Scam – May 27, 2008

Watch out for calls or e-mails from companies claiming to verify your information.  I got a call today  regarding one of our customer's domains, trying to get information to "verify" the ownership.  Presumably they are trying to take over ownership of the domain.  An easy question to ask them is if they are the current registrar for the domain.  (Of course they could lie about that, but Domain Registry Support is honest enough to ignore the question and just keep restating who they are, rather than saying "No, we have no reason to be calling you".

DomainsMadeEasy, the company we often use for registering domains, does email once a year (according to ICANN policy, though most companies don't seem to follow that policy).  Unfortunately, the email does look very similar to the phishing scam emails (I guess the phishers do a good job of imitating the real thing).  They will not ask for any money or any other information, because they already have it, and you just have to verify that it is correct.