Spam Statistics – May 19, 2008

Statistics update for all of Lime Daley's servers.  It is always amazing to me to see how much spam is sent by known spammers, and is trivially easy to throw away.  I just checked the current stats, and Lime Daley is on target to reject 2 million spams this year.  That doesn't include spams that are more questionable (122 thousand), and will be passed onto the user's spam folders for them to verify that they are spam.

It would be nice to lower the "questionable" emails further, but it is hard to do that and maintain a 0% false positive (where real email is considered spam).  I consider real emails that don't get delivered, and worse, don't even get reported to either the sender or the receiver) as completely unacceptable, and so have to put up with the questionable spams being put in a spam folder.

On the other hand, since there are around a thousand email accounts on the servers, that means each person get an average of 122 "questionable" emails in their spam folder each year, which doesn't seem that much of a burden, particularly since lots of people (on competitors' servers) put up with a much higher number than that.