State of the Lime: 2011 – January 27, 2011

Another successful year has passed for Lime Daley, and since I like statistics, when I happened to notice a large amount of spam being silently thrown away today, I took the opportunity to check up on the stats for the last year.


We received 5 million emails in the last 12 months.

We bounced 74% of that email back to the original sender because it was being sent from computers known to be spammers.

We silently threw away another 12% due to the content of the message was known to be spam.

Then we tagged 6% as possible spam for delivery to your spam folder and then the final 8% was delivered to your inbox.

We occasionally get a new customer who will say that his email isn't working once they switch to our service.  In every case, the problem has been that he was so used to getting email every time he hits the "send/receive" button that he figures there is something wrong, but then I'll look up his account, and say that I can deliver the 85 spams that he received that day if he wants, but I assume he would rather not get them.

We can't claim to be spam free (and no one can, unless they can afford to hire a secretary to read their email, and even then, I'll bet there are occasionally mistakes, either in deleting too much or not enough), but I'd say that deleting 86% of your inbox without accidentally deleting real email, and also keeping your spam folder relatively small so you can more easily review it for any real emails means that we are doing a pretty good job of managing your email.


124 domains

2,718 email addresses (excluding those customers that use wildcards for theoretically infinite addresses)

24 outgoing terabytes; 3 incoming terabytes

670GB of disk space used (excluding backups)


4 Servers, with 14 cores total; 86% idle (counting 24 hour days, but busier during the day time)


We paid out $700 in referral fees -- Thank YOU for continuing to grow Lime Daley!