Customer Referral Program

Any existing Lime Daley customer can take advantage of our referral program to reduce or eliminate costs – or even get a check in the mail – when he refers a new customer who utilizes Lime Daley for software development, web site design or web site hosting.

You will get a percentage of that customer's payment deducted from your next invoice.  Should the deduction(s) exceed the balance owed, a check will be issued to you.

The percentages are calculated as follows: If you were not referred by anyone, you get the full 10% referral bonus.  If you were referred by someone, you get 7% for each person you refer, and the person who referred you gets 3% (plus the 10% he had already been receiving for referring you).

The bonuses will continue for as long as the person you referred maintains an account with us.  We have some customers who occasionally get free hosting due to this program.  We have yet to issue a check, but we would be happy to make you the first!

If those numbers are confusing, here is an example:

Joe pays $25/month for his hosting package.  He refers Mary, who pays $35/month.  Starting with Joe's next invoice, his hosting cost drops to $21.50.  Mary refers Ed, who contracts Lime Daley to design his web site for $500.  Mary gets a one-time $35 credit, and Joe gets a one-time credit of $15.  If Ed ends up hosting his web site, email, etc. with Lime Daley (for $75/month in this example), Mary's monthly hosting cost drops to $29.75, and Joe gets an additional reduction of $2.25, making his cost drop to $19.25/month).  Lastly, if at any time in the future Ed contracts for more work, both Joe and Mary would get the bonus for that work as well. 

If you have any questions about how it works, or think that we missed a referral bonus, please ask.