Planet Memory Review – March 17, 2014

I have a server that is apparently considered "old", as in, the RAM in it is old enough that manufacturers aren't making much of it any more, and so the prices are starting to go up.

I had purchased the machine only half full of processors and RAM with the idea that it would be a cheap upgrade later once I needed it.  I'm getting to the point of "needing" the upgrade, and so went out looking for the parts.

The processors were easy enough to come by, but the RAM was not, and the brand new price of the RAM sticks (4GB, ECC, Buffered, DDR2, 800Mhz) was up around $50-$100 a stick, but I found them on Ebay from PlanetMemory for much cheaper - $16!

I bought 16 sticks, and one of them turned out to be bad.  But, because it took a while for me to find that out, it had gone past their return policy period.  I emailed them to see if they would still take it back, and in addition, I had counted incorrectly, and so wanted to return a couple sticks for refund.  I wasn't sure if they would do that, but figured it didn't hurt to ask.

They responded so favorably that I then asked if they would be interested in buying the 2GB sticks I had taken out of the server, and they were willing to do, and gave me a decent price for them (somewhere around 50-75% of what he can sell them for).

Because this whole process took too long for me to "rate" them on ebay, I said I would write a blog article instead, so here it is.

I couldn't be happier with PlanetMemory, and will check them out next time I need RAM.