How do I disable the spam filter?

  • I like getting spam, and I don't want to use your really, really good spam filter, but instead get all the advertisements for enlarging various body parts.  Can I do that?

Lime Daley uses a couple of spam filters in order to eliminate most spam that you receive.  Only one piece of the spam filter isn't configurable, and fortunately for you, that part has never been known to be wrong.  That piece uses a blacklist from spamhaus, which blocks mail at connection time, ie. before we know who the mail is going to, so you can't opt out of that portion of the filter.

The second piece is known as greylisting.  You can request to opt out of this portion (for some or all of your email addresses) by contacting us.

The third piece (spamassassin) you can configure yourself if you have shell access.   You can simply add a blank file in your home directory named ".no-spam-check".

We are not sure why you want to disable any of these, but you are free to do so if you would like.