Custom Application Hosting

Lime Daley is the most customizable web host you will find.  We specialize in hosting applications that you can't find elsewhere.

We have some customers that prefer to manage their own software, and enjoy our loose restrictions on shell accounts.  Other customers don't want to ever see a command line and would rather see their web page up and running without having to think about whether they typed a forward slash or a backward slash.

We think that our services are ideal for whichever group you fall into.  If you are technically minded, we'll stay out of your way as much as possible (we have a very high standards for security and uptime, and so we will crack down on any abuse of the system).  If you would rather pick up the phone to ask someone else to add an email account or make a change to your web page, we are available for that as well.

We currently host the following applications (though this isn't an exhaustive list - we can always install whatever it is you are looking for) GnuCash, Request Tracker (RT), Tomcat, as well as the more "standard" applications (blogging, shopping carts, forums, wikis, content management systems, etc.) such as ZenCart, LifeType, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, MediaWiki, etc. and we can also customize and/or manage plugins, upgrades, and development solutions for any of the above.