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Version Manager Setup – December 01, 2004 (read more)

Whether you know the program as Merant, Serena or PVCS, the setup is difficult, and despite the sales department insistence that you don't need a full-time person to run their servers, I am starting to doubt it. Here are the instructions to setup a new project using the file server model with split archives.

Test Director Problems – November 17, 2004 (read more)

For those of you who have successfully installed Mercury's Test Director, and have it die suddenly, you need to check the IIS/NTFS permissions. (Note, for those of you asking questions, you should read all four pages of comments - there are various questions and answers given throughout the comments, and you will be able to get your answer quicker than waiting for someone to see your question)

Spam: In Perspective – November 04, 2004

A friend of ours was complaining about spam, and Heather agreed, and said she had been getting tons of spam lately. I questioned her on that, since I am in charge of the filters that filter our spam, and I think they do a pretty good job: maybe 15-20 spams got through in the last two years.
She said, well, I got one yesterday, and one today.

Version Control Comparison – October 15, 2004 (read more)

I have been evaluating different version control programs for my company for the last month or two. My current evaluation is that all of them are broken, although I hope to discover a good solution someday soon.

Windows Shell Auto-Completion – October 06, 2004 (read more)

On all the windows machine I use, I have auto-completion turned on for the dos prompt. Apparently, I must have gotten that behavior from TweakUI, and since I always install it on a new machine, I thought it was on by default, but apparently not.

RawWrite – September 21, 2004

I needed to create a floppy disk today, and needed to find RawWrite again, since my Cygwin dd seems to not be making it correctly. I found a nifty GUI version of RawWrite that is nicer than the old command line version. Sure, the command line works fine, and I am all for command-line things, and no mouse usage, but sometimes it is nice to not have to remember the command-line options.

Perl Initialization – August 31, 2004 (read more)

When I was installing RT (Request Tracker) I got an error, since I hadn't ever set up CPAN before. After searching for a bit, here is the solution. I figured I would post this here to help others in the future find it in google quicker.

More Color Stuff – August 23, 2004 (read more)

I added a small color changing picker (bottom right of this page), if you don't like my purply colors. Of course, you can only pick the colorsets that I let you, and right now there isn't much interesting, but I will get around to making some more at some point.

Adobe Acrobat Slow Loading – August 19, 2004

Ever notice how it now takes a year for Acrobat Reader to load up? You can speed it up about 20x or so, by moving the plugins you don't use out of the "startup" folder. If you put the files into the "optional" folder, I believe it will still be able to find them when you want to use them, and it will load them then.
A reasonable default is to leave ewh32.api, search.api, and reflow.api in your plugins directory, and move everything else into the optional folder.
You can make a disabled_plugins directory if you want them to be really gone.

Cygwin – August 18, 2004 (read more)

Since I just wasted a bit of time trying to figure out how I had configured Cygwin the first time, so as to help someone else set up their account, I figure I will post the instructions here:
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