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Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Fri Jul 28 13:11:29 GMT 2006

 	When I think next, I think next post in time, so I wouldn't 
mismatch the next and previous like you did in your example.
 	I think next goes with >> and goes to the post later in 

I went to the store.  NEXT, I went to the bank.  Which came first?

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006, BalearWeb wrote:

> Jon Daley wrote:
>> ....I don't know which is the best choice, but I think
>>> we have to be consistent.
>>     I didn't look at the bug report yet, but yes, I always thought it was 
>> strange that left went to the next post.  I thought maybe it was just 
>> Americans who would assume right means next.
> I also assume right means next, next page, next day. The problem is what
> do you understand by "next post"? The post written afterwards or before
> the current post?
> Normally the post that comes next in a page is the older, but
> value=$post->getNextArticle() means the newer. So I think that is why
> the arrows Next is pointing to the left.
> But I think we should leave it like this:
> <p id="Nextpost">
>       {assign var=nextpost value=$post->getNextArticle()}
>       {if $nextpost == true}
> <a href="{$url->postPermalink($nextpost)}"
> title="{$locale->tr("next_post")}:
> {$nextpost->getTopic()}">&laquo;{$locale->tr("previous_post")}</a> |
>          {/if}
>       {assign var=prevpost value=$post->getPrevArticle()}
>          {if $prevpost == true}
> <a href="{$url->postPermalink($prevpost)}"
> title="{$locale->tr("previous_post")}:
> {$prevpost->getTopic()}">{$locale->tr("netx_post")}&raquo;</a>
>          {/if}
> </p>
> What do you think? Its a sort of contradiction...
>> It doesn't look like the configuration option trackback_server_enabled is 
>> used anywhere else in the code?  Does setting this option to false actually 
>> do anything?
> I have no idea. I suppose you are not asking me ;-)
>> More over I wanted to display the locale message comment_html_allowed
>> The config option you want is: html_allowed_tags_in_comments, but I don't 
>> think this option, or the trackback_server_enabled are available to grab 
>> from the templates.
> Never mind. In fact, I think I'm not going to allow any HTML tags until
> I can make sure that they cannot leave open tags and affect the layout
> of the blog.
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