[pLog-svn] About the template suggest.

BalearWeb balearweb at balearweb.com
Fri Jul 28 12:47:30 GMT 2006

Jon Daley wrote:

> ....I don't know which is the best choice, but I think
>> we have to be consistent.
>     I didn't look at the bug report yet, but yes, I always thought it 
> was strange that left went to the next post.  I thought maybe it was 
> just Americans who would assume right means next.

I also assume right means next, next page, next day. The problem is what
do you understand by "next post"? The post written afterwards or before
the current post?
Normally the post that comes next in a page is the older, but
value=$post->getNextArticle() means the newer. So I think that is why
the arrows Next is pointing to the left.
But I think we should leave it like this:

<p id="Nextpost">
        {assign var=nextpost value=$post->getNextArticle()}
        {if $nextpost == true}
<a href="{$url->postPermalink($nextpost)}"
{$nextpost->getTopic()}">&laquo;{$locale->tr("previous_post")}</a> |
        {assign var=prevpost value=$post->getPrevArticle()}
           {if $prevpost == true}
<a href="{$url->postPermalink($prevpost)}"

What do you think? Its a sort of contradiction...

> It doesn't look like the configuration option trackback_server_enabled 
> is used anywhere else in the code?  Does setting this option to false 
> actually do anything?

I have no idea. I suppose you are not asking me ;-)

> More over I wanted to display the locale message comment_html_allowed
> The config option you want is: html_allowed_tags_in_comments, but I 
> don't think this option, or the trackback_server_enabled are available 
> to grab from the templates.

Never mind. In fact, I think I'm not going to allow any HTML tags until
I can make sure that they cannot leave open tags and affect the layout
of the blog.

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