[pLog-svn] Custom URLs and htaccess

Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Tue Sep 13 19:09:27 GMT 2005

 	Yes, some of that is confusing.

I would expect you would need the ForceType stuff, although perhaps your 
server is smart enough to read the first line by itself?

Also the category names seems like they should fail, since the error 
document should default to somewhere else.

The AcceptPathInfo is set by default on lots of servers.

Does your apache access and error log show anything interesting?

If you are using plain category_names, and not /category/category_name, it 
must be generating 404 errors (as it would even with the .htaccess file, 
unless you hard-coded the category names in .htaccess.

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Reto Hugi wrote:
> Friends,
> This is somewhat embarrassing, I didn't even dare to post it in the
> forums (although I would probably have been the right place to post...).
> While playing around with plog on an external hoster I accidently
> deleted the .htaccess. As pLog is running with custom URLs I expected it
> to stop working but it's still working very well? i.e
> domain.com/category_name still display the category, and every other
> link is still working just fine. I deleted the tmp, cleared the browser
> cache, used an alternate browser, requested the site through proxies. It
> just works and I don't know why! (I know, some would be glad and just
> ignore it, but hey, that would be too easy, right?) :)
> The installation is based on Apache 1.3.x, PHP 4.x
> I'd apreciate any clues, thoughts or demystifying facts :)
> reto
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