[pLog-svn] Custom URLs and htaccess

Reto Hugi plog at hugi.to
Tue Sep 13 18:58:54 GMT 2005


This is somewhat embarrassing, I didn't even dare to post it in the
forums (although I would probably have been the right place to post...).

While playing around with plog on an external hoster I accidently
deleted the .htaccess. As pLog is running with custom URLs I expected it
to stop working but it's still working very well? i.e
domain.com/category_name still display the category, and every other
link is still working just fine. I deleted the tmp, cleared the browser
cache, used an alternate browser, requested the site through proxies. It
just works and I don't know why! (I know, some would be glad and just
ignore it, but hey, that would be too easy, right?) :)

The installation is based on Apache 1.3.x, PHP 4.x

I'd apreciate any clues, thoughts or demystifying facts :)


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