[pLog-svn] templates updating progress

Oscar Renalias phunkphorce at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 07:27:26 GMT 2005

>        Ok, I think I did enough damage tonight. (:  off to bed.

great job :-) I wasn't sure what happened to my email inbox this
morning when I tried to read my mail with my mobile... It took ages!
(but now I see it's all because of your commits :-))

> Lots of changes, mostly scripted, hopefully, I didn't miss anything.  I am
> pretty sure I didn't mess anything up in the main directory.
> The /templates branch, I might have missed some stuff, but I will get to
> it, though maybe not this week.
> searchresults has not been added in, except where James added it.
> multiple categories has not been implemented in any of the templates that
> use the <ul><li>category</li></ul> because I don't know why there is one
> item in a bulleted list, so I need to see what that looks like and what
> the right way to add in multiple categories is for those templates.

I don't understand this comment... What do you mean?


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