[pLog-svn] templates updating progress

Jon Daley plogworld at daley.snurgle.org
Thu Feb 24 04:27:50 GMT 2005

 	Ok, I think I did enough damage tonight. (:  off to bed.

Lots of changes, mostly scripted, hopefully, I didn't miss anything.  I am 
pretty sure I didn't mess anything up in the main directory.

The /templates branch, I might have missed some stuff, but I will get to 
it, though maybe not this week.

searchresults has not been added in, except where James added it.

multiple categories has not been implemented in any of the templates that 
use the <ul><li>category</li></ul> because I don't know why there is one 
item in a bulleted list, so I need to see what that looks like and what 
the right way to add in multiple categories is for those templates.

I am planning on updating all of the error.templates to include a 
javascript.go(-1) or whatever it is, to have a back link, like someone 
suggested on the forums or mantis.

Other than that, I think the templates should be all set.

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