[pLog-svn] templates updating progress

Jon Daley plogworld at daley.snurgle.org
Thu Feb 24 14:20:06 GMT 2005

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Oscar Renalias wrote:
>> multiple categories has not been implemented in any of the templates that
>> use the <ul><li>category</li></ul> because I don't know why there is one
>> item in a bulleted list, so I need to see what that looks like and what
>> the right way to add in multiple categories is for those templates.
> I don't understand this comment... What do you mean?

 	I just need to use the template in a real setting to see what is 
going on.  Presumably, the designer wants a bullet point, and so used an 
unordered list element to get it.  It is just sort of funny to have a list 
of 1 item.  Originally, I was going to add each category as a bullet 
point, but that is probably the wrong thing to do, and instead I should 
just keep it like the others: category1, category2, etc.

 	Nothing to worry about, just wanted (mostly) to have a record for 
myself, and anyone who wanted to work on things, of what is left to be 

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