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Oscar Renalias oscar at renalias.net
Sat Feb 2 04:31:43 EST 2008

I had already been considering to replace menu.xml with something  
else, probably with a native array (so that we can store all the  
different attributes that are stored in the menu file) and then while  
keeping the API interface, replace the code inside. But I obviously  
have not had the time...

I would drop the XML and consider a multidimensional array.

About the locales, what's the performance penalty of using  
array_merge? Is array_merge the slow part or is it something else?

On Feb 1, 2008, at 8:20 PM, Mark Wu wrote:

> After several testing, I think I know why our plugin is so slow...
> The problem is plugin menu & locales :(
> In our plugin framework, we can add menu on the fly, it is good. But  
> it use XML_Tree(from pear), and it always lookup the specific node  
> and add the plugin menu as its child in each request. So, if we have  
> 1 plugin, and 2 menu entries, it will search the menu tree twice. If  
> we have 14 plugins and each plugin has 2 menu entries, it will  
> search 28 times ....
> The second problem is our plugin locales. Iit use array_merge() to  
> merge the plugin locales into core locales....
> For 1st problem, I have no idea how to solve it, maybe we can change  
> it to simplexml (native xml support) in php5 to see it increse any  
> performance or not.
> For 2nd problem, maybe we can use include() only,
> For production server, I think add all menu to menu.xml and all  
> locales to core locale file is very helpful......
> ====
> Here is the test result when I open editArticleCategories page: (I  
> test it under  php5, apache 2.2 & mysql5 on a slow pentium M 1.8GHZ  
> with 2G ram with window xp)
> 1. LifeType core + 14 plugins (8 with xml menu entries setting) :  
> 1000 ms
> 2. (1) and remove all locale files : 900ms
> 3. (1) and remove all plugins: 550ms
> Just for your reference.
> Mark
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