[pLog-svn] r6088 - plog/branches/lifetype-1.2/class/security

Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Thu Nov 29 12:05:09 EST 2007

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007, Mark Wu wrote:
> I still don't think run all filters twice is right.
> Even you add a secondRun there, to make sure the addComment only add once.
> It also increas the system burden, it is really bad for a big site. :(
 	Yes, the extra functionality comes at a cost.  I haven't heard 
increased complaints since that code was added, have you?

>>> Why pual add this is becasue he want to the ip-block or or
>>> dns-anti-spam can record the ip of the comments, too....
>>  	Ah, that's right.  But, it is also useful for the
>> plugins to interact with each other's output too.
> That's why we just run them once is enough, not run them twice and use a
> "secondRun" flag to control it.
 	Sort of.  Except for the filters that already ran, because they 
happened to be unlucky enough to be sorted that way alphabetically.  There 
probably is an ordering that I would be happy with (except for the 
bayesian filter), so this could be solved by renaming the plugins, maybe 
using 00_authimage, 01_hostblock, etc.

>>  	Probably sidetracking the conversation, but we had once
>> talked about letting each plugin decide whether the comment
>> should be saved in the database or not.  That way, the
>> programmer (or the user) for each plugin can decide whether
>> it should be saved.
>>  	Maybe people want to have auth image failures saved in
>> the database, sort of as a moderation type feature, for those
>> users who can't figure out how to get the right code.  Or be
>> able to have stricter hostblock rules, but they get saved in
>> the database and the blog owner could delete them or publish
>> them as appropriate.
> Then, developer should consider use "event/notification" model, not pipeline
> filter.
 	I had forgotten about the event model - that wasn't in the code 
the last time we talked about how to fix this double pipeline issue.

> I will insist my change of rev. 6089.
 	Well, let's get Oscar to decide about which is correct, and go 
with that.  I'll look at making a bayesian filter plugin that does what I 
want it to do.

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