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Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Thu Nov 29 08:37:15 EST 2007

Ah, the reason for the second run was in the comments of 

// If one of the filters returns that this was not a valid result
//  if ( !$this->_result->isValid() ) {
// Now rerun through all of the filters so they can clean up
// if they have saved anything persistantly
// This also gives filters a chance to do anything else they
// want to do (i.e. report ip address to dns blacklist)

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Jon Daley wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Mark Wu wrote:
>> Yep, I think paul add the 2nd for-loop to make sure the "rest of filters"
>> can have change to executed.
>> But, we have to remove those "executed" fiters when we re-run all pipeline
>> filters, or the same pipeline filter will execute twice.
> 	I don't think you can simply make them not run at all.  I think
> the reason the second run is there is so if one filter marks a comment as
> spam, the other filters can act on that behavior and do something
> different.  My guess is that simply removing the second run isn't going to
> be the right fix in the long run, but I don't really have time to look at
> it.  Perhaps Paul remembers more of the details than I do?
>> ** About the code re-format, mm.... I just trim the white space in the
>> end-of-line...
> 	I am in favor of removing whitespace and windows line-feeds, but I
> agree with Oscar, it does make it really hard to see the code changes in
> the emails.  I really like seeing the code changes via email, it is easy
> for me to glance over the changes and make sure there aren't any simple
> bugs, without much effort.
> 	If you could either check in the whitespace changes prior to your
> change, or else reply to the commit message with the output of the below
> command, that would be helpful.
>   svn diff -x -w -c <revision number>
> (I think you need to add the following to your subversion config file to
> let you do ignore-whitespace diffs)
> [helpers]
> diff-cmd = /usr/bin/diff
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