[pLog-svn] r6088 - plog/branches/lifetype-1.2/class/security

Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Thu Nov 29 08:34:28 EST 2007

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Mark Wu wrote:
> Yep, I think paul add the 2nd for-loop to make sure the "rest of filters"
> can have change to executed.
> But, we have to remove those "executed" fiters when we re-run all pipeline
> filters, or the same pipeline filter will execute twice.
 	I don't think you can simply make them not run at all.  I think 
the reason the second run is there is so if one filter marks a comment as 
spam, the other filters can act on that behavior and do something 
different.  My guess is that simply removing the second run isn't going to 
be the right fix in the long run, but I don't really have time to look at 
it.  Perhaps Paul remembers more of the details than I do?

> ** About the code re-format, mm.... I just trim the white space in the
> end-of-line...
 	I am in favor of removing whitespace and windows line-feeds, but I 
agree with Oscar, it does make it really hard to see the code changes in 
the emails.  I really like seeing the code changes via email, it is easy 
for me to glance over the changes and make sure there aren't any simple 
bugs, without much effort.
 	If you could either check in the whitespace changes prior to your 
change, or else reply to the commit message with the output of the below 
command, that would be helpful.
   svn diff -x -w -c <revision number>

(I think you need to add the following to your subversion config file to 
let you do ignore-whitespace diffs)
diff-cmd = /usr/bin/diff

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