[pLog-svn] multi domain feature

BalearWeb balearweb at balearweb.com
Fri Jun 9 07:47:13 GMT 2006

This sounds very cool. I will give it a try this
weekend if I manage to set it up :-)

I understand this feature is meant for "shared" domains. This will be
wonderful for our blogging service as we will be able
to offer our users a different domains for each Balearic island:
mallorcaweb.net, menorcaweb.net, eivissaweb.net etc.
We will use this feature for sure!

But what if a user wants to have its own personal domain?
Will that be possible? Of course, this option should no be
available through the automated registration process, as it will
need a previous DNS set up, but maybe it could be available for
the administrators of the blogging platform.

Allowing personal domains could be "plus service" subject to a
fee. This is just an idea to help financing our free blogging
platforms. In the end, all users want to have their own domain.
Many of them just register a domain and redirect it to their blog.

This is just an idea, maybe for 1.2.

Kind regards,


Oscar Renalias wrote:

> Of course it can be deactivated :-)
> The options for subdomains only appear if you configure your settings  
> like this under "General settings":
> subdomains_enabled = Yes
> subdomains_base_url = http://{blogdomain}
> subdomains_available_domains = (space-separated list of available  
> domains)
> The options will automatically disappear if the settings above are  
> not configured.
> Oscar
> On 8 Jun 2006, at 22:14, Mark Wu wrote:
>> I never try this.
>> But will we have a global settings to disable this ?
>> Not all site admin allow there users use tis function.
>> If we show these setteing in user blog setting.
>> It may casue a lot of confusions.
>> Mark
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