[pLog-svn] Tools for automated functional testings

Oscar Renalias oscar at renalias.net
Tue Sep 27 10:13:14 GMT 2005

With unit testing developers make sure that you new class does what it
is expected to do. With functional or QA testing, you are actually
testing the features of your application.

With unit testing, you can automatically test that your new fancy
class for currency conversion is always able to convert 1€ into
0.8304$ every time you make a change to your class, but with unit
testing you can't check that selecting a product from a catalogue in
your new e-commerce tool actually adds it to the shopping basket. In
other words, you're testing one logical feature of your application
instead of just a function or a class. This sort of testing is not
done by developers but usually by QA people, who do not necessarily
need to know how the application is built in the inside...

If we put the example above in the context of plog, we can make sure
that classes like Timestamp work always the way they should, but at
the moment we cannot progamatically make sure that plog won't allow us
to remove a category if it has articles categorized under it, or that
selecting only a topic, text and category is enough to post an
article. We can of course do it manually, but as the amount of
features grows, the chances of releasing a final version with some
things untested grow.

I was only asking if somebody here has any experience with
QA/functional testing and if anybody knows about any free/OSS tools to
automate these processes :)


On 9/27/05, Allan Sun <sunajia at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes I think that would be very useful. As you all know I'm using Plog as my
> framework to do the development work. My team is working on creating a big
> eCommerce web site based on Plog framework and now I'm facing the problem of
> testing. I really had a thought about unit test, and I think unit test
> should be enough for me.
> Actually I didn't quite get what Oscar is trying to do...
> Best regards,
> Allan
> On 27/09/05, Oscar Renalias <oscar at renalias.net> wrote:
> >
> > As the number of features in plog keeps growing, it is becoming more
> > and more difficult to test everything. Unit testing could help in some
> > areas, but unit testing is focused on testing classes while we what we
> > would really need is to do more functional testing, i.e. making sure
> > that features work as they should. We could create test cases for each
> > one of our features and then manually go through them and mark them as
> > passed or not, but that would be painful because we've got too many
> > features.
> >
> > I was wondering if any of you has some experience in this area,
> > specially when it comes to automating these processes (to a certain
> > extent) I have been toying with tools like JMeter
> > (http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/) and it seems like it
> could be what
> > I'm looking for despite its hideous UI.
> >
> > So, any experience with this kind of testing processes and tools? Or
> > am I the only one who thinks that this could be useful? :-)
> >
> > Oscar
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