[pLog-svn] Tools for automated functional testings

Allan Sun sunajia at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 09:33:21 GMT 2005

Yes I think that would be very useful. As you all know I'm using Plog as my
framework to do the development work. My team is working on creating a big
eCommerce web site based on Plog framework and now I'm facing the problem of
testing. I really had a thought about unit test, and I think unit test
should be enough for me.
 Actually I didn't quite get what Oscar is trying to do...
 Best regards,

 On 27/09/05, Oscar Renalias <oscar at renalias.net> wrote:
> As the number of features in plog keeps growing, it is becoming more
> and more difficult to test everything. Unit testing could help in some
> areas, but unit testing is focused on testing classes while we what we
> would really need is to do more functional testing, i.e. making sure
> that features work as they should. We could create test cases for each
> one of our features and then manually go through them and mark them as
> passed or not, but that would be painful because we've got too many
> features.
> I was wondering if any of you has some experience in this area,
> specially when it comes to automating these processes (to a certain
> extent) I have been toying with tools like JMeter
> (http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/) and it seems like it could be what
> I'm looking for despite its hideous UI.
> So, any experience with this kind of testing processes and tools? Or
> am I the only one who thinks that this could be useful? :-)
> Oscar
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