[pLog-svn] I am back ...

Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 08:31:57 GMT 2005

The bad news is I lost all changes, the good news is the changes I already
put some of them (not all of them) in bugs.plogworld.net  ..... :(


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On 26.09.2005 18:34, Mark Wu wrote:
> Hi All:
> Finally .. I finish my company project and got my notebook out of 
> virus attack ( I really hate virus ... ), acutally I re-install my 
> notebook and lost all plog changes ...sigh ...... should I change my 
> development environment to linux ... :(
> Anyway, that means I have do all changes again ... :(

Hi Mark

Welcome back. Hope you commited the most important changes before you got
under attack then :)

Have a nice week!

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