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Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Mon Sep 19 17:35:48 GMT 2005

 	If you could not remove the whole directory when you upgrade, that 
would be better.  Something about the way it was done last time confused 
 	Perhaps just remove the files instead of the whole ie7 directory?

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, Reto Hugi wrote:
> On 19.09.2005 05:22, Mark Wu wrote:
>> Do we need to include src in core release? I remember only 1 or 2 templates
>> need this. I suggest we move the ie7 module to template itself, or the core
>> of pLog will get bigger and bigger.
> In the meantime IE7 0.9 is out, which doesn't need the src folder
> anymore. I will take care of upgrading it in the trunk (well, it's
> actually remove and add).
> IE7 get's smaller and smaller with every release. Version 0.9 is less
> than 50kb zipped. I think it's ok to ship IE7 with plog considering the
> size of a plog package of 2.6mb. (Even more since we are providing
> "upgrade" packages...)
> If IE7 would be packed with the templates that need it, this could
> result in a rather big overhead for plog hosters that allow the upload
> of custom templates for their users.
> The main reason, why IE7 is already packed with plog is because we would
> like to encourage the development of standards compliant templates. We
> have template guidelines in our wiki stating that templates should at
> least be xhtml compliant - even better xhtml strict. Asking this, strong
> usage of CSS is automatically implied. Thanks to IE7 developers don't
> need to write bad hacks vor IE and can still use CSS2/3 in their
> templates. (i.e. max-width/min-width *just work* in IE if you include IE7)
> BTW: IE7 is linked on the front page of the wiki. Any corrections (bad
> english) are appreciated.
> http://wiki.plogworld.net/index.php/IE7
> reto
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