[pLog-svn] merging to 1.1

Oscar Renalias oscar at renalias.net
Thu Sep 15 15:39:06 GMT 2005

It's all yours if you wish... but good luck with it! There have been  
plenty of changes in 1.1 in certain folders (class/dao comes to my  
mind) plus with the whole removal of Object from each one of the  
classes when comparing 1.0.2 to 1.1, I don't know what svn will do.

I'll let you know when you can start!


On 15 Sep 2005, at 18:31, Jon Daley wrote:

>     I would like to take a crack at merging the changes to 1.0.2 to  
> 1.1 when the time comes.  I have been telling everyone at work how  
> great subversion is, and how much better it is than PVCS, where  
> merging is just about impossible, so we never branch, or at least,  
> if we do, we never merge back because it is too painful.
>     So, I would like to see for myself what it takes to merge a  
> subversion project.
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