[pLog-svn] TinyMCE and Xinha

Francesc Pla Prats francesc at qdevel.com
Fri Jul 22 10:38:24 GMT 2005


Wow! Great work Mark!! I agree, TinyMCE is much better than the rest,
especially when talking about xhtml output, it's quite good and it also
have the same output in most browsers, the other editors change the
results depending on which browser are run ... :(


PD: could you send us the phone number of your friends (the ones in
resource gallery ...) :P

> Hi All:
> After I finish the plog-xinha migration, I also done plog-tinymce
> migration...
> With several days heavy testing, I think I will rejct my previous
> proposal (use xinha to replace htmlarea), I'll go "use tinymce to
> replace htmlarea", why?
> 1. The performace is better (The loading time is shorter the Xinha)
> 2. The UI is better (The color schema is more fit to pLog)
> 3. The html generated by tinymce is more xhtml compatible.  (This is
> what we want for a long time)
> If you are interesting about this, I will release the patch later ... 
> Of course, I already change all javascript/php/template to follow this
> change, include the most important "insert resource"
> Here comes some screen shots ...
> Mark
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