[pLog-svn] TinyMCE and Xinha

Oscar Renalias phunkphorce at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 09:16:06 GMT 2005

is that so? You even implemented the "insert resource" feature? Wow,
that's nice :)

By the way, nice pictures you have in your resource centre :D


On 7/22/05, Mark Wu <markplace at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All: 
> After I finish the plog-xinha migration, I also done plog-tinymce
> migration... 
> With several days heavy testing, I think I will rejct my previous proposal
> (use xinha to replace htmlarea), I'll go "use tinymce to replace htmlarea",
> why? 
> 1. The performace is better (The loading time is shorter the Xinha) 
> 2. The UI is better (The color schema is more fit to pLog) 
> 3. The html generated by tinymce is more xhtml compatible.  (This is what we
> want for a long time) 
> If you are interesting about this, I will release the patch later ... 
> Of course, I already change all javascript/php/template to follow this
> change, include the most important "insert resource" 
> Here comes some screen shots ... 
> Mark 
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