[pLog-svn] Varnish

Ayalon ayalon at blog.nl
Mon Jan 28 04:00:19 EST 2008

Hi all,


Is there anybody on the list that has experience with Varnish?
http://varnish.projects.linpro.no/ and


I'm testing currently how Varnish is behaving on lifetype, and it's
performing really really well. Performance is increasing enormously,
ofcourse running into some issues as how do I update pages when people are
posting comments and how does a poll behave when Varnish is on etc. 


The good thing is that because of Varnish, users are not hitting apache, but
are connecting to the Varnish software in front of apache.  Specially with
large hosts this is increasing speed and means more request on smaller


Anybody willing to work together to make it optimal for lifetype?




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