[pLog-svn] Three libraries I want to replace in LifeType 2.0

Oscar Renalias oscar at renalias.net
Wed Jan 9 03:18:11 EST 2008

I agree with 1 and 3, so you can go ahead, as long as all the unit
cases, if any, for that code still work (i.e. the interfaces to the
library should be maintained as they are)

But about 2, I'm a bit concerned that HTMLPurifier is a bit too memory
intense, as it is actually parsing the entire HTML document in memory,
in PHP. Can we do some comparison, memory wise, between KSes and
HTMLPurifier (using memory_get_peak_usage() rather than


On Jan 9, 2008 5:58 AM, Mark Wu <mark.wu at markplace.net> wrote:
> Just a note to remind myself ...
> 1. PHPMailer -> SwiftMailer
> Becasue SwiftMailer is support SSL & TLS smtp server, and the comminity is
> more active then PHPMailer.
> 2. Kses -> HTMLPurifer
> HTMLPurifier support XSS removal and more features then Kses. And Kses
> project seems dead for a while.
> 3. MagpieRSS -> SimplePie
> SimplePie support all kind of RSS & ATOM spec. Why switch to SimplePie, the
> reason is the same as Kses, becasue magpierss does not maintained for  a
> long time.
> Mark
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