[pLog-svn] r6088 - plog/branches/lifetype-1.2/class/security

Reto Hugi plog at hugi.to
Mon Jan 7 13:42:02 EST 2008

On 01/07/2008 07:31 PM, Oscar Renalias wrote:
> I think we all understand what you set out to accomplish, but we're  
> just wondering about two things: 1) what kind of XML output do you  
> need and 2) can it be automated so that it can be easily maintained?
> In our case, we use Doxygen to generate the HTML documentation based  
> on the comments in our code. Doxygen (http://www.doxygen.org) is an  
> open source tool that works very much like Javadoc or whatever  
> solution is available for C#, and it also supports several different  
> output backends. If you have the time, you could have a look and see  
> whether Doxygen has an XML backend and if the output that it generates  
> can be adaped to suit your needs.

jup, Doxygen can generate xml out of the box. That's exactly what came
to my mind and I was already looking it up while your message arrived :)

@andy: If you can provide us with a doxygen config for your xml output
(if that output is usefull to you), we could upload that one to our API
reference, too.

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