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Andy myside at myside.mine.nu
Mon Jan 7 10:23:31 EST 2008

For example: AdminAddUserAction Class Reference

-- NO XML for 3rd party development: I have to personally reference all 
public attributes, and all the member functions, from you web based 
reference.  If I want to perform an action with C# code, I would have to 
browse your resources in order to find and define all requirements by 

Your online documentation is indexed for DEVELOPERS whom can parse the 
class requirements and create a function -to setup- all the data types, 
of any class, a local XML file with references of the purpose, and 
virables that would be parsed - all API requirements declared, and just a 
call to the function would make this process automatic.

I use VS for my IDE, and call an API resource using my costome function, 
references to the XML file are automatically displayed, browsable, and 

Imagine defining 8 public attributes for one call that would not be re-usable 
code.  What a mess!

I am sorry you are having a hard time understanding what I was to 
accomplish.  But I will not give up, let me know and I will put it in 
different words.


On Mon, 7 Jan 2008, Mark Wu wrote:

> Yep, I has the same concern, too.
> Mark
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>>> As of now, I am taking a long route and entering all API data. I am
>>> doing this for the primary functions, so I know exactly what I am
>>> doing when I need access to these resources.
>>  	What does your documentation provide that ours doesn't?
>>  Perhaps it would be better to added something to the doxygen
>> docs, rather than a separate doc?
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