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Andy myside at myside.mine.nu
Fri Jan 4 16:24:30 EST 2008

On Thu, 3 Jan 2008, Oscar Renalias wrote:

> Excellent feedback and nice discussion so far. We appreciate all
> feedback and support :-)
> I would agree that we usually end up making too many releases of the
> same stable branch (we reached .6 in the 1.1 branch and we're about to
> reach the same milestone-release in the 1.2 one...) but sometimes it
> takes a while to get software right so I see that maintenance releases
> are necessary. If you think about it, Jon just tracked down and fixed
> a bug that had been haunting some of us since probably even 1.1, and I
> think that is good that we share these corrections with everyone as
> often as it takes.
> We could consider making regular releases at pre-defined intervals, at
> let's say every 2-3 months for maintenance releases and every 18-24
> months for major ones but considering that LT is just a "hobby" for
> which sometimes we don't have enough time, it would be difficult to
> stick to those. Instead, we work on it when we can and make the
> releases whenever we think they're ready.
> But I will agree with you that sometimes we haven't been very strict
> and we have modified core API methods and classes to fix issues during
> maintenance releases, which seems to be one of your concerns. I assume
> that if we ensured that the API is 'frozen' during the whole duration
> of the branch that would satisfy cases like yours (or communicated the
> changes clearly enough providing sound reasoning for them)? If so, we
> can consider being more strict and rigorous from now on.
> Now about providing support for older stable releases when a new main
> version has been released, I agree that we were a bit too harsh with
> the 1.1->1.2 transition. For the next major release (2.0), we should
> maybe think of supporting 1.2 until 2.0.3 is out or so, as .3 is
> usually the time when most of the major issues with the new branch
> have been sorted out. But supporting it much further than that is
> quite difficult, as our resources are pretty limited and time used to
> support a previous release is time not used in working on the newest
> one unless we adopt a model similar to the Linux kernel, where there's
> one person specifically allocated to supporting 2.4 while 2.6 is being
> developed. We would only need one additional developer to step forward
> and take that role... Anyone interested? :-)
> Hopefully we adressed your concerns, but please feel free to continue
> sharing your feedback with us.
> Oscar

That is a wonderfull plan.  I am honered that your team has considered my 
concerns, agree with some of the recomendations, and are considering a new 
plan for release cycles.

I just created an XML schematic for your API and am now entering data such 
as inheritances, public and private functions and their attributes, among 
other references such as the description and member details.

I figure parsing your API web portal would take the same amount of work.

If I could provide support to this project, making the XML schematic 
and data available to the public, I would consider it to be an honerable
participation and resource for the Lifetype development process.

Is this something that might be of interest to the project team members, 
and would you accept my work into the process of maintaining updates to
the API in a way users could take advantage of for the development of a 
personalized application environment?

If something like this has already been created, where could I obtain 
access to this?

How could I be notified of API changes?

My formal school education was in computer networking technologies.

A public number where I can be reached (not a personal telephone number), 
is 608-554-0030, or skype: extractedorganization - both voicemail only.

Private skype voice, chat, and voicemail uses the name: extracted

Andy Wright

> On Jan 3, 2008 12:10 AM, Jon Daley <plogworld at jon.limedaley.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, 2 Jan 2008, Andy wrote:
>>> I made a $5 donation a couple months ago:
>>> http://myspew.com/blog/mysides-spew/software/2007/10/02/just-a-little-monetary-support-shows-appreciation
>>> That's all I could afford, but I hope it showed my appreciation.
>>         That's great.  I don't get the notifications, so maybe there is
>> more money in there than there used to be.  As a vendor, I donate 10% of
>> my revenues that get referred from lifetype.  Last year, that only meant
>> free hosting for LifeType, but this year, I think it will be a bunch -
>> I'll have to look at the numbers.
>>> I disagree with you.  If the project were to end, I have two years of PHP
>>> 4 experience, among other associates.  I hope that never happens.  All of
>>> you are amazing, and if their is anything more I can do to help, please
>>> ask.
>>         I am not expecting the project to end, but I do expect support for
>> the older versions to end as we go along.  I don't think it would be worth
>> your time putting lots of effort into supporting old versions, since the
>> bugs get fixed in newer releases, etc.
>>         I think we are going to get a more designed task list for 2.0
>> soon, and so people can do stuff as they can, so feel free to jump in.
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