[pLog-svn] data dictionary works wierd in 2.0

Mark Wu mark.wu at markplace.net
Wed Jan 2 03:07:08 EST 2008

Hi Oscar:
Do you remember why you remove "idxs" when we create table sql???
It makes our new lifetype 2.0 wizard does not create any indexes when we do
fresh installation.
*** see the codes below.
        function CreateTableSQL($tabname, $flds, $tableoptions=false)
            if (!$tableoptions) $tableoptions = array();
            list($lines,$pkey) = $this->_GenFields($flds, true);
            $taboptions = $this->_Options($tableoptions);
            $tabname = $this->TableName ($tabname);
            $sql = $this->_TableSQL($tabname,$lines,$pkey,$taboptions);
   $idxs = $this->_IndexesSQL($tabname,$flds);
            $tsql = $this->_Triggers($tabname,$taboptions);
            foreach($tsql as $s) $sql[] = $s;
   //foreach($idxs as $i) $sql[] = $i;  
            return $sql;
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