[pLog-svn] Add the cache control to menu

Oscar Renalias oscar at renalias.net
Wed Feb 20 15:57:41 EST 2008

How about some benchmarks? Would you have some time to look into  
generating some benchmarks? Numbers don't lie :)

On Feb 19, 2008, at 6:59 AM, Mark Wu wrote:

> Hi All:
> After review the code, it is not easy to replace the current XML  
> menu with array tree.
> So, I try to add the cache to XML menu first.
> 1. The menu cache will cache our core xml menus plus plugins' menus.  
> After lifetype cache it, the menu will load from cache directly  
> until the cache expired or deleted.
> 2. If the method works, I will add remove cache in plugins centers.  
> Therefore, the cache will removed when we add/remove/refresh the  
> plugins center.
> If any one of you have time, please kindly test this cached version  
> script, and let me know if it help performance or not.
> Regards, Mark
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