[pLog-svn] another caching bug

Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 01:32:17 EST 2008

Hi Jon:

I meet this bug before. Actually, the script is a little bit wrong, but we
never fix it.

Okay, take lifetype offical site for example:

Precondition: The cache must be empty!!!

There are two situations:

1. When user request the page http://www.lifetype.net/blog first , it will
show "regular" page about recent posts and lifetype will cache this page.
Then when user request http://www.lifetype.net , it will redirect to
http://www.lifetype.net/blog , so you will see the lifetype give the same
page as "reqular" page.

2. If  user request the page  http://www.lifetype.net  first, it will show
"frontt" page, and lifetype will cache this page. Then user request
http://www.lifetype.net/blog , the page never generate, so lifetype will
give you a new "regular" page about recent posts, and lifetype will cache
this page, too.

Current solution to avoid this situation is to disable your smarty page


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> I have the following code in main.template:
> {if $category || $date || $smarty.env.REQUEST_URI != "/" } 
> {assign var="OnMainPage" value=0} {else} {assign 
> var="OnMainPage" value=1} {/if}
> This has worked for years, so I can have a custom entry page, 
> but all other pages are "regular" LifeType pages.
> But today, smarty has cached the page as a regular lifetype 
> page - I didn't think to check if it was only displaying a 
> particular category, etc. but when I minimally changed the 
> template to get the cache to reset, the page was fine.
> Any ideas where to look?
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