[pLog-svn] A terrible truth about plugin

Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 14:30:49 EST 2008

I forgot put the number about remove menu entries, so here comes another
test (editPosts page), this time I disable my anti virus program.

1. core + 14 plugins(8 plugin with menu entries) :700ms
2. core + 14 plugins(remove menu entries in scripts): 530ms
3. core + 14 plugins(remove menu entries in scripts, also remove locales):
4. core only: 410ms 

These number are average numbers, I remove some very big and very small

BTW, I use xdebug to do trace the profiling, and use wincachegrind to view
these results...


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> On Sat, 2 Feb 2008, Mark Wu wrote:
> > After several testing, I think I know why our plugin is so slow...
>  	Had you noticed that plugins were slow?  I guess I 
> haven't ever had 14 plugins installed before, but maybe only 5 or 6.
> > For 2nd problem, maybe we can use include() only,
>  	That seems fine - does that have any side effects?  The 
> include would simply overwrite the prior values if they 
> existed, right?
> >> 1. LifeType core + 14 plugins (8 with xml menu entries setting) : 
> >> 1000 ms
> > 2. (1) and remove all locale files : 900ms
>  	This doesn't seem like that much of an issue?  You are 
> saying it takes 100 ms?  Where are these numbers coming from? 
>  I can't find the time extension I used to have, but firebug 
> says admin.php takes almost no time to load, and the delays 
> for me are all the css and js.
> > 3. (1) and remove all plugins: 550ms
>  	This number looks more interesting, and is probably the 
> harder of the two to fix.  Can you test your include theory 
> and see how much that changes things?
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