[pLog-svn] status of input validation modifications

Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Wed Dec 17 11:28:46 EST 2008

 	I think all of the changes that are going to be made for 1.2.9 
have been done.  I haven't heard of any issues, though I think only a 
couple people have been running 1.2.9 from the nightly builds, that I 
directed a couple people to on the forums.
 	It is kind of hard to do a summary I think - inputs to the system 
are now much more carefully checked for valid information in them.  the 
biggest difference is that the string validator now has a parameter for 
accepting HTML, which defaults to false.
 	I don't know of any discussions off-list in the last 6 months or 
so.  And I think the only conversation we had in the public IRC channel 
was also posted to this list.

On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Andy Wright wrote:

> I understand the revamping of input validations, and possibly other core
> function modifications are in progress.  I also understand the reason
> for development of this off list.
> However, without getting into too much detail, and for the sake of not
> doing a SVN diff, could you possibly give a short summary about the
> changes that will be in effect for the next release with these
> modifications?
> Thank You,
> Andy

Jon Daley
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