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Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 21:53:06 EST 2007

Hi all:

I really think to make the bayesian filter to run again after dns-anti-spam
or host-block to get the database training well, and run all pipeline
filters twice are two different problems.

To get database trained well, I can always put the bayesian filter in last
order, but not just run all of them twice.

Anyway, since if's Oscar's call to decide it, I will follow his decision

BTW,  most lifetype installations in CJK site does rely on Bayesian Filter
to protect the spam attack. Because the tokenize algorithm can't separate
CJK into each atomic token. We don't use stop words and "white space" to
seperate a paragraph into "word".

So, most CJK site always rely on authimage and hidden input to help us
protect spam attack. It loss usability and accessibility, but get better
protection. They also turn off the bayesian filters to get better
performance and small database.

Just for your information.

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