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 	Ah.  I see.  I think it is valid behavior.  (that's also why I 
don't use auth image, people make mistakes sometimes, and spammers easily 
beat captchas, so it is more of a burden on users than spammers).
 	I think the bayesian filter can be much better trained if it is 
allowed to train on the text of comments that other filters (hostblock, 
akismet, etc.) catch.
 	I'll check in my code anyway, and let you look at it.  I still 
think the pipeline should be run twice, but probably some filters have to 
use the $secondRun flag to do the correct behavior.
 	See the comment on line 209 and the block of comments above in 

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007, Mark Wu wrote:
> That's why authimage always after BayesianFilter ...
> You can not training this comment as a "spam" just becasue it is input wrong
> authimage code...
> Becasue maybe user just input thw wrong image code. It is not a valid
> behavior.
> Mark
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>> On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Mark Wu wrote:
>>> Actually, the situation won't happened in our scenario.
>>> We don't have the mechanism to tell the next pipeline
>> filter that the
>>> previous one is invalid, and you need to treat the comment
>> as spam and
>>> train it again.
>>> So, even we run again all filters again, the Bayesian filter still
>>> treat the comment  as a"non-spam" comment
>> Isn't that what this is for?
>> $previouslyRejected = $this->_pipelineRequest->getRejectedState();
>>> But, another scenario may happened:
>>> If the Bayesian filter caught it as a spam, but his auhtimage is
>>> wrong. At that time, the comment already add to database.
>>> That's why some people complain to me the auhtimage fails
>> when comment
>>> marked as spam.
>>  	Yes, I see.  I wonder what there is to do about that.
>> I guess the auth image plugin could check if previously
>> rejected, and remove the comment from the database if the
>> auth image is wrong.
>>> Even so, we still need to run all filters once, not twice.
>>  	I am working on a solution.  It isn't as pretty as I
>> thought it would be, so I'll check it in when I am done and
>> see what you think.
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