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Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 09:36:48 EST 2007

HI Jon & Oscar:

Just try to revert to 6087, and give it a test!

When bayesian filter marked one comment as spam, it will add two comment
records into db.

That's why I say the pipeline always run twice.

Take the defualt filters as example , there are 3 filters

1. NullFilter
2. CommentFilter
3. BayesianFilter

The $pipeline->process() will run these 3 filter one by one...

in 1st run:
NullFilter->CommentFilter->BayesianFilter(Failed), then it break.

in 2nd run:
NullFilter->CommentFilter->BayesianFilter(Failed), won't break .....

For the time being, we don't think this is a problem, becasue we just "HIDE"
it ...

Take the authimage "deleteFile" for example, I put @ in front of unlink and
ignore the error message, becasue we have no idea why filters run twice.

So, I just combine these two runs into one, and make sure each "filter" run
once. Why I can make sure ... Becasue I did not use "break" to break the
for-loop, I just let it go through all filters.

* If some filters fails, I just keep the first failed result into
* If no filters fails, I just keep the last filter result into

It is exactly the old way does.


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> On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Mark Wu wrote:
> >>  	Well, hopefully Paul will chime in here.  I am pretty sure I 
> >> understand what you did.  Did you read Paul's (I assume it 
> was Paul) 
> >> comment about why he added the second loop?  I think we 
> need to run 
> >> the entire pipeline twice, particularly those filters that ran the 
> >> first time.
> >
> > Yep, I read his comments about add second run , that why I 
> think the 
> > change is okay for us. Becasue I can make sure all pipeline filters 
> > run once. No more no less :D
>  	I don't understand, if plugin A runs and trains the 
> comment as non-spam, and then plugin B runs and trains as 
> spam, in the two-run method, plugin A would get run again and 
> be able to clean up his bad train of the comment.
>  	Your method doesn't allow for that, correct?
> >>  	The thing that we need to have is the "executed" flag 
> passed into 
> >> each filter, and then each filter can decide whether it 
> wants to run 
> >> twice or not.
> >
> > Yes, this is what I did in rev. 6088.
>  	Hrm, I'll guess I'll have to look more into the code.  
> Plugins never run twice in your new method, so what you just 
> said is incorrect?
> > BTW, did you test it yet? Does it work for you?
>  	I don't use any plugins that would require the 
> functionality that Paul added.  I don't expect it broke 
> anything that I do, since I only use hidden input.  Only 
> running once restricts what plugins can do, and depending on 
> what letter they start with, depends on if they run in the 
> correct order or not.
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