[pLog-svn] r6030 - plog/branches/lifetype-1.2

Reto Hugi plog at hugi.to
Mon Nov 19 15:55:24 EST 2007

On 11/19/2007 02:30 AM, Jon Daley wrote:
>> This is not the intention because the BLOGID should be handled
>> via /error.php in case of the "SEF" URL setting. That's why I think the
>> fix is more consistend and it does not brake any URLs that where/are
>> generated by LifeType.
>  	I guess, but they are handled by error.php, which then returns a
> 404 instead of a 200 HTTP code.

but that's how it's supposed to work. And it's only the index page of a
blog that didn't generate a 404 error. All the other requests like
/BLOGID/ARTICLEID etc. etc. still produce 404 errors.

> So, since it doesn't break anything in
> the modrewrite world, I still think it should be left for backward
> compatibility, otherwise, we will hear about it on the forums.

I don't understand the backward compatibility issue. URLs like
/BLOGID/ARTICLEID must be handled by error.php anyway. You don't mean a
"technical" backward compatibility, do you? It's something about custom
built dependencies some users might have built?

> There isn't any advantage to changing the rule is there?

Well, probably nothing like performance etc. but it's now working as
expected. If I had ever used SEF, I'd removed the mod_rewrite code (I
actually removed it because I'm using Custom URLs anyway). They are
nothing but a waste of cpu without mod_rewrite urls. So SEF users
probably don't have mod_rewrite and they don't care anyway.

>  By
> making it non-mandatory, the SEF guy gets 404 error codes,

I thought not. If the underscore is not mandatory a request to /BLOGID
is a match and results in a redirect. So it's a 200.

> and if a
> modrewrite guy happens to use that scheme (not the way we intended, but
> they could be doing it that way), they would now get a 404 error (and
> maybe not even the right page?).

I don't know how the mod_rewrite guy could have changed the url without
touching core code, but if he relies on /BLOGID to match it would not
work anymore if it is mandatory (like the way the fix works now).
Eventually the error.php would catch it and deliver the right index site

Oh well, sorry for the discussion, I probably don't understand the
issue, because I still think I'm fixing something that was broken a long

cheers, reto

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