[pLog-svn] Modularize our action/view/dao and templates

Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 07:10:19 EST 2007

Hi All:
I really want to modularize our current code structure. But it maybe break
the "backward compatabability" if user change thier code in core level
instead of plugin level ..
I propose we add a new folder for modules, this folder will include current
actions, views, dao of  summary, index and admin ... the new structure looks
The same in templates, so the ./templates/admin folder will seperate to
small modules like:
So, we can modularize our code into several small modules, it can easier for
us to do the further develpement, debug and modification. 
The biggest advantage is take a shorter time to find a specific action.  :(
So, here comes the steps:
1. Reorgnaize the folder and code
2. Rewrite the controller map
3. fix all includes
4. testing ....
Any ideas? Or someone can share your tips about how to find a specific
action scripts in 195 files (files under ./class/actions/admin) in a very
short time ...
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